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Did you know there are over eleven million trucks operating across the US, many with overworked drivers carrying hazardous materials? In 2016 alone, there were 475,000 large truck accidents with human error accounting for roughly ninety percent of them.

Commercial trucking accidents are especially dangerous for motorists due to the size of tractor-trailers. Trucking accidents frequently result in significant and sometimes catastrophic injury or death for occupants of smaller vehicles. Commercial truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely, and trucking companies are obligated to keep their fleet in proper working order and enforce safe working conditions in order to minimize the chance of accidents. Many truck accidents are caused by the negligence of the truck driver. Some examples of negligence that result in crashes include:

  • Non-Performance: The driver fell asleep or was physically impaired for another reason.
  • Recognition: The driver was inattentive, was distracted by something inside or outside the vehicle, or failed to adequately observe the situation for some other reason.
  • Decision: The driver was driving too fast for conditions, misjudged the speed of other vehicles, or followed other vehicles too closely.
  • Performance: The driver panicked, overcompensated, or exercised poor directional control.

When you are selecting Kansas City area lawyers to represent your injury case, you should consider their credentials and experience. As a previous law enforcement officer and accident reconstructionist, Kevin Humiston is committed to protecting the safety of drivers and passengers on the road and will work to help them receive financial compensation and recovery in litigation.

We have the experience and resources to conduct thorough investigations and, in appropriate cases, work with accident reconstructionists to develop legal theories capable of securing the compensation our clients need and deserve. We work with precision to recover all needed evidence and witness statements to effectively handle your case.

We don’t get paid unless and until you get paid, which allows you and your family to heal as we handle the legal burden of your accident.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents We Can Handle

Types of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Semi-truck drivers are sometimes the cause of accidents and sometimes the victims. In addition to the normal dangers on the road, like distracted drivers and speeding, truck drivers also often have to face the danger of fatigue that can set in after long shifts. Truck drivers are often paid by the load, in order to make more money, they must make more deliveries. This can only be accomplished by driving for longer periods of time. This lack of rest is regulated by different governing agencies, but these rules are not always followed.

In addition to the danger of a truck driver’s own negligence, the vehicle itself can create danger to other drivers. Sometimes trucks are loaded improperly or are not adequately inspected before the driver begins their route. Mechanical breakdowns during operation can lead to loss of control. Sometimes, poorly loaded freight can fall from the truck and damage unsuspecting motorists.

Given all this type of information our law firm can handle various types of commercial vehicle, truck and tractor-trailer accidents. Common types of truck accidents that Humiston Law handles are as follows:


Head-on accidents occur when large trucks collide with other vehicles head-on, and rear-end collisions describe crashes when large trucks drive over the back of another vehicle.


Jackknife accidents are when trucks brake suddenly and their trailers swing out to a ninety-degree angle from the cab of the truck.


Semi-trucks have large blind spots where the driver loses sight of other vehicles. Accidents can happen when truck drivers can not see other motor vehicles and change lanes.


A truck driver can lose control, the tractor-trailer can roll over, making both the truck and any cargo that falls out of it a hazard for others on the road.


A commercial truck often requires two lanes to make a successful right turn. However, if an accident happens, it’s possible that the driver can be found liable when turning from an inside lane or occupying two lanes.


These accidents happen when trucks stop quickly and approaching vehicles get stuck under the tractor-trailer. The top of the smaller vehicle is often ripped off.


Remains of tire blowouts are seen across major roadways through the US—shreds of black rubber on the shoulder or in the middle of the lane, these blowouts can and do cause accidents.

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident?

Most of the time confusion immediately follows a truck crash. You’ll want to make sure the police and any necessary emergency workers are called immediately to assist with any injuries.

Your next step should be to call the best truck accident attorney in Missouri and Kansas.

You will see that common practices are as follows, the police will take comprehensive notes, statements from all the involved parties and any witnesses, and take photos as part of their accident report. If possible, you will also want to document as much as you can, including witness statements.

If your phone’s camera is working or someone that is with you has an operable phone camera, be sure to take as many pictures as you can of the damage to your vehicle and any injuries you and any other passengers sustained. Doing this can help ensure that anything the police missed is still documented.

How a Trucking Accident Lawsuit Works

If litigation is required, the process is started by filing a Petition for Damages in the proper court with jurisdiction over the claim. The proper court is determined by the specific facts of the claim. You become the plaintiff in the case and the other party becomes the defendant. The parties engage in discovery, which is the process of gathering and exchanging information using interrogatories, request for production of documents, depositions, request to admit, interviews, and other investigative methods.

The exchange of information is used to prepare a case for trial by allowing each side to obtain and investigate information from the other side. Discovery plays a key role in the litigation process as it allows the parties to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a claim. Many claims are resolved during or shortly after the discovery process.

Damages in Truck Accidents are Unique

If you have significant injuries, you’ll want to handle a truck accident a little differently than you would a regular accident with a passenger car.

You’ll want to find a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Only lawyers can provide legal advice. It is important to find a lawyer who will look out for your best interest and present all options for consideration

Only your lawyer will be on your side to figure out what all of that should be.

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If you have recently been involved in a truck accident due to the negligence or intentional act of someone else, calling a lawyer can be a necessary step in addressing the incident because the lawyer can help you with your claim and can help maneuver through the insurance companies red tape.

Contact Kevin Humiston, your accident attorney in Kansas and Missouri. We practice personal injury, truck and tractor-trailer accident law in the Kansas City area. Our legal professionals are here to help you so that you do not have to worry about the financial aftermath of a truck accident.